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Performance during Quarantine!

Hey y'all! If you're not doing anything this Thursday, come and see me perform in a play reading presented by At Home Artists Project! Tickets are free and donations are given to both charity and the participating artists. You can find all the information about the production here.

A Series of Inelastic Collisions is a wonderful play written by Eugenie Carabatsos. It delves into the lives of a family split up by political and religious differences, and asks the question "How can they over

come their differences?"  It's heartfelt and humorous play. If you have the time, please stop by and give us support. We would love to have you! As always, I hope you're having a wonderful day in quarantine. Stay healthy, do some mindful meditation, laugh, cry, whatever you dang need to do because dammit you deserve the best! Positive energy!!!

Also be sure to sign up to get email notifications from my site. No, I won't be sending you an email every other day. Just from time to time to check in and let you know what I'm up to!


Michael J Poyntz   

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